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Baaqi is a one of the largest Multinational Transportation Network Company (TNC) will be operating worldwide.

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Baaqi is a Multinational Transportation Network Company (TNC) and one of the world’s largest up-coming ride-sharing platforms will be operating in Bahrain, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Brunei, Azerbaijan and Pakistan. Mobile app for transportation With the mission of building mobility for a 10 million people.


Baaqi provides app-based transportation services, including taxi hailing, private car hailing, social ride-sharing, bike sharing, on-demand delivery services and food delivery services .


A project of WBJ Group join in partnership with WBJ Media House and Messenger2050 Technologies, has taken another major step in future-proofing its national transport network with capabilities. This lays the foundation for an Adaptive Network that can scale with high efficiency and dynamically adapt to fast-changing capacity requirements and application demands. Baaqi network is powered by Messenger2050 (a world leading technology company) multi-terabit optical technology that comes with a control plane that provides self-healing service restoration capabilities to support 4G network core. This technology gives high-speed, highly resilient mesh network with unprecedented scale to support its surging subscriber base and subsequent data explosion - helping to fuel the digital revolution in network countries.

Baaqi Networks

Baaqi will operates in 6+ countries at starting and aim to expand its operations in more 10 countries by 2030.

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